CULTES, un trip physique et sensuel

TETRO+A co-produced with HIRVI Production its first documentary film directed by (LA) HORDE, a collective of three multifaceted artists. In this film, (LA) HORDE explores man's alienation from a world dominated by consumerism.

Previewed at the Paris international music film festival, F.A.M.E at the Gaîté Lyrique in Paris on February 14, 2019, Cultes will be shown on March 9, 2019 at Cinedans - Dance on screen festival, in Amsterdam and aired at numerous cultural events throughout the year.


From the San Francisco "Summer of Love" festival to the anti-capitalist hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s, music festivals are organized across Europe and the world, each channeling the idea of the festival as an authentic culture spontaneously emerging from the masses, but which is the ultimate form of the mass culture industry that passively consumes it. Powerful testing grounds, bodies lie at the heart of (LA)HORDE's new film, Cults, conceived as a reflection on the festival phenomenon.

"Are we still able to have a spiritual experience in these new consumerist sanctuaries? Do spectators succeed in creating their own subversive experience within a mass of individuals? The film is a hallucinatory trip to the heart of a crowd, a community of bodies united by their love of music - bodies that dance but never forget to feel.

Is the festive body, its exaltation and celebration the ultimate bulwark against mass consumption? Does this state succeed in transcending the uncritical space in which it develops?

In this film, (LA) HORDE wanted to capture the concrete manifestation of the cult that is translated into ritualized practices and performances, mass jubilation and consumerist mass.






Marine Brutti / Jonathan Debrouwer /Arthur Harel

With Achraf Jendane Bouzefour, Benjamin Bertrand Daphné Biiga Nwanak, Delphine Rafferty, Sophie Maria Ammann


hirvi prod x tetro agency x (LA)HORDE


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