About us


We stand out for our unabashed desire to design unique and adventurous settings for enhancing the prestige of brands, people, businesses and territories.

We’re driven by our creative approach to tackling your project, and our determination to put you in the spotlight by creating unique, cultural, creative and innovative narratives.

We make every experience an epic tale.


Tetro is an independent agency with in-house art direction and production units. We’re also a team that’s constantly on the lookout for new artistic talent from around the world, so as to wed communication with culture and ensure the diversity and uniqueness of each project.

With our commitment to a hands-on approach, Tetro is at your side for carrying out every stage of your project, from the initial strategy to last-minute scheduling. We enjoy providing support to both small businesses and major international brands.

We appreciate creative concepts that are unique, original and innovative, which we help to blossom through Tetro+A, the Tetro design laboratory.

We enjoy giving physical or digital expression to creative concepts.

We enjoy culture and communication.

We enjoy creating and producing.

The team

The agency was created in 2010 by Matthieu Debay, backed by a dynamic, responsive team: a pool of independent, proactive, talented young employees dedicated to creative, innovative expertise in our operations.

A team notable for its dual background in culture + communications.


We are surrounded by companies with a passion for communication and innovation that join with us to provide an expansive array of know-how:

Digital & Social Media, Brand Content, PR, Creative & Interactive Design…

A web of passionate entrepreneurs that can respond as a team to communications challenges of all kinds. A collective of talent all contributing to a single factory for allegorical projects.

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