• Romain TARDY •


Romain Tardy is a visual artist who currently focuses primarily on digital art. Born in 1984, he received his training at the Ecole d’Arts Appliqués and subsequently the Ecole des Beaux Arts before working at various animation and post-production studios in Paris. At the same time he was working as a VJ at numerous events throughout Europe, giving him an opportunity to examine more closely the complex links that could be forged between sound and image. On the strength of that experience, he joined with three other artists to create the European visual label ANTIVJ in 2008, and was one of its principal members up until 2013. His installations, which often use the technique known as videomapping, are designed to be experienced in situ, using light as a means of enlarging existing architecture or structures of his own creation. Tardy’s installations pose questions about our relationship with reality in the face of computer imaging and how that relationship is changing society, and about the role of digital technology in public space, and are designed to address those issues poetically. Renowned for his numerous appearances as a VJ and his videomapping installations, which have been seen in more than 15 countries, Tardy has collaborated with the likes of Jay Z, Flying Lotus and Murcof.


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