French artist Benoit Pailley was born in 1978. A photographer and visual artist, his interdisciplinary work explores the concept of the intermediary. He transmutes still lives, architecture and high jewellery into a totally new universe: an “elsewhere” for travel, an “other-li-ness” where the limits of reality are lost. The artist creates and photographs his work - mirror architecture (Morpholight), shadow sculptures (Valéo, presented at the automotive trade show) and reflection creations (Lalique, shown in New York) - to fossilise what was, in the past tense. Art galleries, the press and advertisements are the media with which he works. Based in New York and Paris, Pailley has been the official photographer of the New Museum since 2008. His latest project, “Two Minutes Late” (photo and videos), was presented at the Galerie Madé in Paris in 2015. In his work, the memory - the body - exists through its absence. Are Pailley’s images the work of a photographed exhibition or an installation the artist has created? Is he the actor or the witness of ambiguity?

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