About us

Tetro+A is an arts and culture production unit that develops original artistic projects for worldwide distribution.

A for Artists: our talented artists, drawn from exhilarating and amazing realms of artistic endeavour, come from all corners of the planet to share with us the alchemy behind their artistic creation and the poetry of their artistic knowledge. These exceptional artists have surprises in store.

Design / Digital art / Plastic arts / Dance / Music / Lighting / Photography / Video

+A is the “Teatro” that adds luster to creativity by inviting artists to create and disseminate art projects. A lab that generates partnerships in every contemporary art discipline to produce interdisciplinary encounters in a variety of formats: conferences, performances, installations, videos, exhibitions and more.

Tetro+A actively brings together artists, audiences and businesses. It targets creatives from around the world, programmers (for festivals or institutions, event organisers, etc.) in France and worldwide, and businesses that wish to lend support for one of our productions.


To help disseminate projects in other regions, Tetro+A partners with organisations : MASSIVart based in Montreal and JUMP THE FENCE in Melbourne.

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