Passengers (2020-2021) - Guillaume Marmin


Housed in a container, the installation PASSENGERS plays on the visual properties of two-way mirrors, revealed via a light display comprising 45,000 pixels (RGB LED). This framework immerses the visitor among lines and moving forms to produce visions of infinite visions, to create impressions of speed and displacement, or to freeze space-time. This physical dimension is underpinned by a synesthetic interaction with the sound composition spaced out over 12 points which span the length of the installation. PASSENGERS offers a contemplative and introspective experience, a time and space capsule, suspended between past and future, which questions our own finiteness.

Created in coproduction with the Chroniques platform, with the support of Conseil régional de la Région Sud et la Ville de Marseille, coordinated by Seconde Nature and ZINC



Guillaume Marmin

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